The following are some of the most common reasons you might not have received any emails regarding your order.

1) The order was not placed successfully.

2) The order didn't go through or is pending further verification.

3) The email confirmation ended up in the Spam / Junk folder because your ISP (internet service provider), email client, spam control service and/or your email hosting solution (gmail / yahoo / hotmail / outlook / live / icloud / etc. ) has aggressive automated filtering settings or has wrongfully categorized the order confirmation as spam or junk. 

4) You are expecting email confirmation to a certain address but during checkout you provided another email address because of autofill.

5) You accidentally made a mistake and typed your email address incorrectly during checkout. 

6) You did not receive any SMS notification on your mobile number because you provided your landline number or opted out of SMS notifications during the checkout process.

Regardless if you received an email confirmation or not, you can always log into your account (Redstag Supplies - Sign in) using the same email address that was used during the checkout process to see further details regarding the order.