The best way to know the location of the package and the estimated delivery date, is by checking the order status and using the tracking number provided to track the shipment on the shipping carrier's website.

Here are some of the common scenarios about the status of the package:-     

Scenario 1 - Package is still in transit 

If you are wondering where the package is or cannot find your package anywhere, please check the tracking number properly as it still might be in transit. Do not mistake some of the shipment progress notifications that you receive on your email or SMS as the final delivery notification and wonder why the package cannot be found. 

Tip:- If for some reason there seems to be a slight delay on the shipping carrier's website and the package seems to be arriving a little later than expected, if necessary, it is best to contact the shipping carriers directly and enquire about the package before reaching out to us. We as (retailers / fulfillment centers / vendors, etc.) do not have any special insights and/or control over the logistics of the shipping carriers and we use the same tracking number and the same shipping carrier's website to check and track the shipment just like the consumers would check on their side. Once a package is shipped and in transit, nothing can be altered and there is no way to speed it up either.

Scenario 2 - Package has been delivered

You might be expecting your delivery at a certain time or location but many times it just gets delivered to some other part of the house where you were not expecting it to be delivered. Before reaching out to us, please don't forget to check all the possible locations where the package might have been dropped off by the delivery personnel such as your mailbox / parcel locker / front porch / garage door / reception / lobby area, etc . Ask other members of your household if they received the package on your behalf or check if the package was accidentally delivered to your neighbor. At times, the tracking system can show the package has been delivered only to show up 48 hours later.

Scenario 3 - Wrong / Incomplete / Old Address

If for some reason you accidently put the wrong shipping address during checkout, and the package gets lost / delivered elsewhere, the distribution center won't be responsible in such a scenario. A separate order needs to be placed with the correct shipping address if the package needs to be reshipped. Customers should verify that the address they provide during checkout is correct and valid. They should check their shipping address and the items they order on the order confirmation email or by logging into their account and make sure everything looks okay before the package gets shipped out.

Old residential addresses, missing street numbers or apartment numbers, wrong addresses due auto-correct on their keyboards, wrong zip codes or city names are some of the reasons the package can get lost or delivered incorrectly.

The distribution center / suppliers / vendors who fulfill the order won't take any responsibility in such cases. The computer system simply prints out the shipping address provided by the customers during their checkout. They have no way of knowing whether it is correct or wrong.